The Backlash of MY DAY The Series Before It Even Aired

A romantic comedy series about a young determined culinary intern named Sky making his way into a multi-billion-dollar food company. Find out how he survived the challenges and won the heart of his wicked boss Ace.

The series is expected to have 12 episode and is anticipated to air its first episode on August 8, 2020. The actors, production team and marketing team are busy promoting the their upcoming series. Unfortunately just recently Inaki Torres recieves a severe backlash in Twitter because of his, according to BL Fans, “homophophic” statement.

Here’s the full interview:

Here’s his statement that registered as bad taste to the bl fans. At around 1 minute in the video below is the transcript:

Interviewer: people are wondering may mga BL Series but what does it mean?

Inaki Torres – Boys Love? Yeah

Interviewer: Boys Love

Inaki Torres: so yung Boys Love, it started sa Thailand, Japan, and some other Asian Countries then so ang story neto I just want to clarify, yung Boys Love po it doesn’t mean na gay so parang 2 straight guys nagka inlove-an sila that was the story so

Interviewer: kasi deadma di ba (End of script)

Fans bring their frustration to twitter.

Boys love basically is a relatively new term mainly used to indicate broadly in manga, anime, or fan works depicting love between men. Two men falling in love, making love, kissing. Then later on this novels and or comics was produced in short films and then made its popularity in the television series from Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, South Korea and most recently here in the Philippines.

I understand why people say his statement was homophobic. Well personally I guess it is homophobic and its a good thing people are calling him out because that is the only was for everyone to be more sensitive in what they are going to say.

A person who is going to portray a certain character and represent them then that actor needs to embody and learn the characteristics of who they are representing and represent them according to how that group is living, their culture, their way of living, their feelings and simply their emotions on how they perceive things. By doing so, you would already know how to answer questions.

I am happy though that after the twitter backlash the actor finally apologizes. Which is a good move for him.

However, I have several thoughts running around.

  1. Is it really an honest mistake from the actor? If it is, he already apologizes and that’s good. We will just see how he will move forward. Will he do something to show sincerity? Showing that he is owning up to his mistake and that he is not homophobic. Only the future holds but for now it is time to move on to that.
  2. Will it be a publicity stunt? hahaha I am not surprise if it is. It normally happens in the Philippines. The producers would do something so people would start talking about the series or movie. Actors and actress would act sweet and act like they are couple and all that, sometimes they create issues on the actors and actress just to be talked about and I really find it as a cheap marketing stunt. hahaha that is just my take about it. So with what is happening I really can’t help thinking it is just one of those cheap publicity stunt so people will start talking about the actor and the series as the release date is coming up this August 8, 2020. They have the whole month for them to instill the issue and the whole month of people talking about the actor and its series. Which they became successful because people are reacting and talking about the actor in Twitter. I just find it cheap. If it is true, why don’t you copy what GAMEBOY is doing. They do not actor drama all they needed was a great story line, great acting capability, great editing putting them all together make people started loving the series. The audience started sharing the story. People across the globe is reacting to it. The audience are the one marketing the drama.

So that was my take about the ongoing issue about MY DAY actor controversial. I really think it was just a bad publicity stunt and a cheap one. I will still watch the series because I am excited on the story and how it is being portrayed and not because of the ongoing controversy. So I am excited and hoping it will be played well and hoping the writers would create great moods. I am hoping they can hook me up.

So this is just my reaction and my personal take on what is going on. Inaki your good just continue showing your true feelings about LGBTQ+ community. I don’t condemn you because of what is going on. Wag na lang sana maulit.

Gameboys Reaction Video: Kuya Banana

Gameboys is receiving a lot of buzz not only in the Philippines but also worldwide. So over the past few weeks I had been watching several YOUTUBE REACTORS and I happen to stumble upon Kuya Banana’s Youtube channel. Interestingly, I am finding his reaction authentic and relatable so I decided to share his reaction in my blog. Go ahead check him out and comment down below what you think about it. You can also check his Facebook page by clicking here: KUYA BANANA

Gameboys Episode 3: GAV Sing his heart out to say SORRY

Gameboys Episode 4 – Cairos Rapping to say SORRY

Gameboys Episode 5 – When Gave Make Everyone Cry

Gameboys Episode 6 Reaction – Terrence True Colors Reveal

Gameboys Episode 7: Elephant in the Room

Cooking With Charlton: Aglio Olio

Boil and cook the noodles according to the instruction in the label. There are some noodles that can be cooked in lesser times there are some that needs to be put to boil for 11 minutes.

Heat your pan then add oil (I prefer using olive or coconut oil). Once oil is heated add your meat or shrimp. Note if you are using meat, make sure to add spices when meat is done but if you are using shrimp proceed to step 2.

Then add your minced onion – chopped and onion (chopped and diced) till golden brown. Add other spices that you want to add, You can add thyme, rosemary, oregano, etc. Then squeeze 1 lemon stir for a minute then add your noodles. Mix well then serve.

(Please note that this recipe is my own version. I have added different spices which is not part in the original recipe.)

TharnType 2: 7 Years of Love – Predictions and Insights

OMG I am loving what I am seeing so far. Though there is inclusion of Pete, Tin and Can – I am happy they are not dominating the series. I am becoming more curious as to what are the conflicts that will evolve in the actual series when the full series is launched.

TharnType 2 7 years of Love mini series I suppose gives me idea that Tharn has finally met Type’s parents and of course considering the history of Type plus culture and social acceptance of course there’s a little drama in between. So I am assuming in the full length episode of TharnType 2, they’ll gonna expand more on how Type’s father would come into terms with fact that his son is marrying the man of his dreams. Both family (Tharn and Type’s) will meet before the grand wedding.

Also, during the visit to Type’s parents. Type finally approached his best friend Kom and reconcile and patch things up. Type finally introduced Tharn to Kom. Also, in the mini series it is revealed that Kom was secretly loving Type. He said that Type was his first man. So in the actual series will he cause trouble? Will Tharn misunderstood the closeness of both men? Will the writer expand more into this angle or will Kom support them all the way. What will his role and contribution be in the actual series?

Thorn and Long also met in a bakery when Thorn is buying Princess a cake. They’ve talked and Thorn expressed his forgiveness towards Lhong by re-iterating that he has been treating him like a brother. Lhong admitted that after what happened he went abroad and stayed with her sister. He, according to him had been punishing himself over the years and expressed his grief. However, I had hesitation with these since remember in season 1 Lhong was manipulative. He orchestrated everything to make sure TharnType would fall. Will Lhong be a protagonist still in the series. Is he plotting a new set of orchestrated scenario to win Tharn. Or did he really regret everything and will support Tharn and Type all the way? Will Lhong end up with Thorn? Am not sure whats gonna happen. Lhong’s character is tainted and he is very good in orchestrating and manipulating. So I am so much excited on what will really transpire in episode 2.

There is so much angle in the story that can be tackled so I am really hoping that the story would evolve more on the THARNTYPE struggle and not inserting another set of lovers like Tin-Can tandem and Pete life story because they have the LOVE BY CHANCE Series where they are the actual main characters there.

I am so curious as to what are the struggle of these two lovers until they get married. Will they explore more on the parents side? I am curious as to how a Thai parents react when their son intriduces their boyfriend? Will they show struggle in accepting? The mother’s as shown in this mini series is super supportive and very accomodating which is true I think in general all across the globe most of the time it is the mother who could easily accept the situation. What are the test Type’s father would do to accept Tharn?

I got so many question, theories and idea’s that is running to my mind and the only time this ideas and questions will be answered is when we finally get to watch THARN TYPE 2 – 7 Years of Love

Adobo Aloha With a Twist

I can say that adobo is the national food of the Filipinos. Ask anyone in the Philippines about adobo and everyone will come up with their own recipe. Others put more vinegar in it to give the sour kick. Others put soda (Sprite) in it to give a whole new taste of the adobo. Others will just go with the normal adobo with lots of garlic and onion in it.

Over the week, I had been craving for a Mediterranean food. So while I am at the grocery store today I thought of making my own version of Adobo adding a somewhat Mediterranean flare in it.

And so my Adobo Journey begins….


1/2 kilo of pork adobo, 1 teaspoon of cummin powder, 1 lemon, 1 teaspoon of Rosemary, 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper, 6 cloves of garlic minced, 1 onion chopped, 1 teaspoon of chives and 1 teaspoon of oregano. 1 can of pineapple tidbits but I prefer to use pineapple if available use 2 cups of pineapple slice in chunks, 1 table spoon of oyster sauce, 5 table spoon of soy sauce.

Boil the pork in 1 and 1/2 glass of water. Keep it boiling until water is almost drained. Add olive or coconut oil (it depends on your preferrence but I use 10 table spoon of coconut oil. Add garlic and onion mix well. Let it simmer for 3 minutes then add your pineapple tidbits include the juice in it. Let it boil for 3 minutes. Add all the spices except for chives. Let it boil until pineapple juice is almost drained. Then add your chives and let it simmer for 1 minute. Turn off your fire and serve while hot.

In the original recipe of adobo, all you need is just the meat, soy sauce, pepper, garlic, and onion but I wanted to create my own version inspired by adobo. Instead of using vinegar I use lemon or calamansi to create that sour effect of the adobo. I use pineapple to give the sweetness I am looking for and I add all the other spices to give that Mediterranean kick.

So that is my version of adobo!

Easy Breezy Scrambled Egg

During those three long months of Enhance Community Quarantine or should we just say lockdown. I had been savoring canned goods for my breakfast, lunch and dinner. It wasnt healthy but thats the only food I have to survive. I dont have cookwares and I dont have stove in my house at that time!

Thanks to a friend who asked me to write something for the company’s campaign to COVID, for sponsoring my cookware and stove. Now, I just cant resist creating more easy and affordable food that is totally satisfying and delicious.

Making it so easy to prepare and perfect for people who are always on the go.

I remember before, I just dont have time to prepare for my food so I am just relying to whatever is available in my office pantry or to my friends little restaurant.

So during the lockdown, I ended up just eating anything in can or anything instant and so most of the time its not healthy and definitely it doesnt satisfy me at all.

So this time around, I decided to cook for my own. Something that is budget friendly and it must fill my empty stomach. Hahaha


3 eggs, 3 gloves or garlic minced, a pinch of salt, 1 onion chopped and diced, 1/2 teaspon of cummin seed, 1/2 teaspon of rosemary, 1/2 teaspon of chives, 1/2 teaspon of italian seasoning, 1 can of tuna (flavored or in oil)

Heat the frying pan in low fire. Once its heated add oil of your choice, I recommend olive or coconut oil if you are in low carb diet like me. Add garlic then add chopped or diced onion. Wait till its brownish in color then add cummin powder to give that Mediterranean aroma, add dry rosemary and italian seasoning to enhance the scent of the food. Mix well then add the canned tuna. Mix well and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. Add italian seasoning then mix well. Add your egg and cook mix it well if almost cooked add your chives then mix well. Once egg is cooked turn off your fire and slice your fresh avocado remove the seed then put in your scrambled egg in the avocado. Serve while hot!

See thats easy and simple way to cook your canned tuna. Giving it an additional flare to your scrambled egg!

I will posting more of my simple dishes.

What’s for Lunch?

My kind of lunch! Avocado and scramble egg with a twist!

3 eggs – beaten
1/2 table spoon of oyster sauce
1/4 teaspoon of cumin seed
A pinch of rosemary
A pinch of basil leaves, oregano leaves, thyme
Olive oil

Mix all ingredients with the egg and beat it thoroughly then fry it with olive oil. Serve with avocado.

That kind of lunch! I can eat these in days to come! Hahaha exploring different food option is quite interesting! Adding different seasoning to the usual scrambled egg is soooo worth it. Super satisfying to the palate.

Its my kind of diet lunch… I only eat carbs on a weekend. And during weekdays… as much as I want I keep myself away from sugar and carbs.

Now I have te recreate the food to make it more interesting and flavorful and fun! To keep me excited to enjoy the food I have.

Fun at Work Activity

So in my workplace every other Tuesday we have this what we call Dress Up Like ________. This time, we had a DRESS UP LIKE A KING/QUEEN.

I made a crown during those 3 months in lockdown and so decided to join this activity and decided to wear the crown I made.

Interesting enough, I am super satisfied with how I look.

Either way, I feel fabulous and fantastic!

This is one of the many reason as to why I am in love with the company I am affiliated with. They made sure, eventhough we are working from they still wanted to continue the activities that is outside our normal hib description to have fun and to bring your creativity at work! It is indeed a happy place! A Great Place To Work.

Pinoy Pork Stew With a Twist

Of the many Filipino dishes that we love is what we call SINIGANG. Sinigang is basically a stew that is sour. So we add guava- best to use for fish sinigang, tamarind, santol (cotton fruit) others add gabi or taro to make the soup/stew thicker and richer. These are just the maib ingredients. You can add string beans, eggplant, dahon ng sili, siling mahaba (finger chili) and tomato. However for me, I would like to add more to it so I added other spices to come up with my own version of sour stew or sinigang.


Pork, eggplant, tomato, string beans, labanos, santol, okra, gabi, chili, chili leaves, onion bulb, other spices (paprika, cumin seed, garlic, onion, basil leaves, oregano, rosemary and thyme) lemon, salt, patis

Boil the pork together with gabi and santol until the pork is fully cook. Boiling approximately 15 minutes to make sure the pork is fully cooked.

Taro and pork boiled together

Once the pork is tender and or after 15 minutes of boiling. Add the labanos and let it boil for 5 minutes. Then add the string beans and onion bulb cut in half.

Labanos – peeled and chop
Eggplant – chopped
String beans chopped

Then add patis and all the seasoning and spices let it boil for 5 minutes. Then add the tomatoes. Let it boil for another 5 minutes.

Santol peeled and chop add to the pork and taro and then boil

Add eggplant and let it boil for another 5 minutes then add okra and chili.

Serve while hot and mix it with spinach as garnish.

Responding to Finding Tom Vlog


Do I not trust my kababayan (countrymen). Do I trust the government?

Here are my personal point of view when it comes to “trust”.

Well for the most part I believe that I trust my kababayan’s but not always. Do I trust the government? In some cases yes I do trust them in the most part but surely not always.

I was watching some of Finding Tom’s vlog. He is one of my favorite vloggers because he is not only showing how much he appreciates the Philippines. I can say he is finding this country, as his second home. Its not because he has a Filipina girlfriend but because he is fascinated with the people, the culture, the interaction he is getting with the locals and of course the tourist destinations.

I just saw his vlog post in youtube not understanding why FILIPINOS DOESNT TRUST EACH OTHER. He then explained that he feels more safe here in the Philippines and anywhere else in Southeast Asia and he is also right when he says that Filipinos should trust each other more because when it comes to safety and being taken advantage on are the tourist, the foreigners for that matter.

So he posted in his faceboon page that he has gone through fund raiser and wanted to donate that to the city government and he gets tons of replies informing him not to give to the LGU. And that puzzles him because he rarely get advantaged on by the Filipinos.

I was about to answer him in his vlog as to my own personal perspective regarding the matter but I decided to just write it in my blog.

“ i got scammed more in other SouthEast Asia in my week compared to a year of staying in the Philippines” – you are right many people see you as a foreigner and we have high value on ensuring that our visitor is happy and that visitors are safe and comfortable. Its a “Filipino thing” called culture. It is embedded in the culture that we gave the best of what we have to our visitors. Yes there are people who take advantage to foreigners but for the most part we tend to be really friend to our visitors. Your bag incident at the airport though shows that we dont trust each other and I agree with that. I cant just leave my belongings unattended because of the experiences I had encountered over the years of staying in Metro Manila (I am from Benguet and its more safer there compared to Manila). So to understand it better, I had a fair share of truamtic experience being held up, picked pocketed on and had my bag taken in the food court in a broad day light. So this explains why I would tell every tourist to be careful not to scare you but definitely me just saying “you’ve been warned” it doesnt happen all the time but it happens. So I will tell every foreigners to be careful as a gesture of friendly reminder.

“Do not donate to government foundations” – tbis however is something I wanted to point out because I myself would not do that. The reason why I am not going to do it and encourage private individuals to just bring it to the victims or to the community where you would want to support because I believe that these institutions has lost their credibility and trust to the public. Take for example the case of YOLANDA, there were tons of donations that had been poured there both by the locals and private businesses. The goods however was hust stuck in the warehouse of a government agency some were rotten and others are unusable anymore. The houses built for the victims are made of very light materials. It took them months to finish it and some wasnt lucky enough to get to move into that light material house while others had to wait for so long already. Theyve reported that they have billions of budget to finish that but only few was able to get it and materials are cheap. These has been happenning everytime there is a natural disaster where there is a drive to help. If those materials should have been processed and executed by individual businness and the private sector then it might have a different story. That was just one of the example as to why Filipinos tell you not to give to Government funded agencies. These is the reason why I will recommend you to just give it straight to those individuals whom you wanted to help.

So to sum it all up. I do trust my countrymen still despite having a few of those unfortunate event. For the government I trust them for the most part but unfortunately I dont recommend giving it to the agencies. I trust the government I just dont have that great confidence when it comes to donations and money. A few politicians and some government workers unfortunately had destroyed the trust we used to had with them and that is the reason why every time I run my own fundraiser, I’d rather just do it myself than giving it to those government run agencies.

Subscribe to FINDING TOM Youtbe Channel. I can guarantee you will love it.